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Here is a link to my Myspace page that has a delectable little sampling of music I done.

Hit me up on Facebook-

Keith Andrew's Facebook profile


My current musical situation is with a band called “The Tall Ships”. Check us out and follow us here-

We are getting closer to finishing a record and doing another tour of Europe and possibly Japan this time as well.


I used to play in a band called Dryve.  Here’s some dryve stuff-

You can also find dryve on Pandora.com and itunes.  If anybody wants any dryve music or whatever just email and ask. It’s free if you are reading this blog.


I used to play in a band called Marjorie Fair. When I played with them we were called “Parlour” and you can hear a track on my Myspace page called “Parlour” from one of our rehearsals up in L.A. I was part of the whole thing as we got courted by Capitol Records and the whole crazy bit (I still have all the cd’s Capitol showered me with). It’s a long story why I stopped playing with them but that was a great time. Evan is one of the most talented guys I have ever worked with and it’s a real bummer the way it all went down.

I’ve played with a bunch of other bands too. Toured a alot (US, UK, Europe, Russia). Recorded a lot. Worked with some great producers.  Blah, blah, blah.

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