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For Dryve Fans -Some Videos…

So I got this DVD burner for Christmas that allows me to transfer VHS to DVD. Finally. I’ve been wanting to do this forever. I have a lot of VHS tapes taking up precious shelf space in my living room that need to go in boxes and put in the back of the shed. Dryve footage included. Here is some.

This is from a show we did in Nashville at the GMA convention. I think. What a trip it was to watch this since I haven’t seen it in about 500 years.

I remember Fold Zandora played after us and the drummer Frank Lenz asked if he could use my kit. I said it was fine and he asked, “Are you sure? I hit pretty hard dude.” I’m like, “It’s OK bro, I’m from the school of Bonham so I hit hard too.”

I wasn’t quite prepared because that guy hit RIDICULOUSLY hard. And destroyed my drum heads in the process. He made Dave Grohl look like a girl. I was like, “WHAAAAATTT?!?!?”

Didn’t care though. Heads were old anyway and they were great. I approached one of the dudes -Jerome -and told him I thought they rocked. It was years before I realized he was the same guy who now plays in Switchfoot.

If any of my subscribers are interested in the full high quality download free of the shameless plug titles, email me and I will send you the link for downloading.

“Whirley Wheel”

Steve does a great solo on this one. I always had him cranked in my monitor because he never played his solos the same way twice and it was fun to listen to what he would do. At 2:05 he hit the wrong chord which he never did so his brother David behind the organ is laughing at him.


A little extra white man’s funk section added to the solo on this one. Not sure it worked.


Pay no attention to the fact Paul’s guitar is painfully out of tune by this time. He makes up for it though by bringing the rock.


Pretty good version here. Always one of the best parts of the show since Steve would improvise around a theme and I would just listen and react to what he played. Never got old.

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  • Bruce Brown February 14, 7:40 PM

    Well, of course I’m interested. I probably MC’d the show and I definitely was there.

  • Tim February 14, 9:44 PM

    Thanks for posting these. I saw you guys at this little club in St. Pete, Fla. with, like, 5 Iron Frenzy or someone. Those had to be tough shows paired with ska/punk bands.

    You guys, though, were the whole reason to go and I’m glad I got to see you.

  • robby February 14, 11:01 PM

    wow, thanks so much for this. this brings back some great memories.

  • Krista Pratschner February 15, 12:08 AM

    O.K Guys, Grow those sideburns back out and have a reunion show.
    Thanks Keith. The boys loved it also.

  • Shane February 15, 2:08 AM

    Thanks Keith. That was fun to watch. Brings me back to my days at Point Loma. WOW!! has it really been 15 years since I first heard you in San Diego?

  • Adrian3 February 16, 12:07 AM

    Yes! Thanks for posting. Sadly, I never got to see Dryve in concert.

  • keith February 17, 9:47 PM

    St. petersburg… Was that the little club where it was so hot it was unbearable? 5 iron were the coolest people and great friends but yeah, that was a mismatch tour. the kids wanted to crowdsurf to 5 iron not listen to us. Thanks for coming!

  • keith February 17, 9:50 PM

    Mc’d it? Wow that’s wild…

  • Laura Shields February 22, 11:15 AM

    “uh-huh.” Reunion tour for sure. That would be awesome. I’ll bring my wheelchair;)

  • Ben James February 25, 6:43 PM

    Wow! I was a huge Dryve fan back in the mid-90’s. I found a sample song (probably “Rain”) on a 5 Minute Walk sampler from church camp. I also found out about Five Iron Frenzy through that sampler too! Never got a chance to see you guys live, so this is a special treat for me!

    Actually tonight, I’m getting to see one of my other favorite bands from the mid-90’s, Waterdeep, in concert here in Nashville. They just moved here and I’m hoping for many more shows from them, and I would love to have a reunion show here in Nashville too guys 🙂 But for now, these videos will have to suffice. Thanks so much for sharing them!

  • kenny March 1, 9:14 AM

    freaking nastalgic, or sumthin. guilty of stil whirling the whrly wheel.

  • keith March 1, 11:45 PM

    Ben-awesome dude! thanks for listening!

  • keith March 1, 11:46 PM

    No you’re just all around guilty and wretched as the day you was birthed.

  • Alyssa March 27, 6:19 PM

    i dug out some of my favorite music from the 90’s (yep, we’re that old) and decided to see who i could find on the www. what a find! these videos sure do bring back a lot of fun memories. surprised that i still know most of the words 🙂 thanks for posting!

  • Ryan April 9, 7:17 AM

    Thanks for posting these! I went to see you guys play at Carowinds one year. You played on the stage with FIF and Dime Store Prophets. You guys rocked! I was just talking to a friend the other day about CD’s we still listen Dryve was definitely high on our list. Especially like “Rain” and “Whirly Wheel”

    Thank you for doing the blog!

  • keith April 10, 6:08 PM

    Thanks Ryan! Carowinds… I remember that one…

  • PAUL HERNDON May 31, 11:34 PM


    RE: If any of my subscribers are interested in the full high quality download free of the shameless plug titles, email me and I will send you the link for downloading.

  • Joey June 20, 3:00 PM

    Thanks for posting those old but GREAT videos..well i found some of dryve’s music lately and i got so fascinated with STAY…I fell in love with that song!!! Then i start searching for some band’s info, and i got here, i realized they released that album 13 years ago but i think the peculiar sound they have quit just PERFECT!!!i’m a twenty one year-old girl who love your work. So bad Dryve got separated at that time, but if u can post something related with the very song STAY i will be more than happy! Keep going Keith, God bless u.

  • Chris Coppenbarger June 23, 11:24 PM

    I never understood why you guys only did one album, but it was one of the best in the mid-90’s. Sadly, I never got to see you guys in concert, either. I would love to have those videos in my personal collection though.

  • Chris Coppenbarger June 23, 11:34 PM

    Another comment to say that I forgot that “Hum” was released before “Thrifty Mr. Kickstar”. Btw, what happened to Black Eyed Sceva? I know y’all played with them some. I thought they had changed names or something. They were good too.

  • keith June 23, 11:43 PM

    Thanks Chris! Yeah I never understood either. Actually, I do but it’s kind of complicated. Hum was a home brew that was an accomplishment back in the day (to have a cd) but sonically challenging. It had a few moments though. ‘Happy Song’ won best song for the San Diego songwriter’s guild contest.

    BES… the drummer quit and they got a new guy and then changed their name to Model Engine. They did one record called ‘The Lean Years Tradition”. A FANTASTIC album. You MUST get it. You can still get it used on Amazon. WAY better than anything BES did. The new drummer was awesome and the songs on that record are just killer. I still listen to it. It makes me air guitar,sing and drum. At the same time.

  • Chris Coppenbarger June 23, 11:53 PM

    Model Engine! That was it. I have that album too. 5 minute Walk artists were good anyway. I went to Cornerstone ’97 and managed to get my name in the credits of FIF’s live album they recorded that summer. I don’t remember if you guys were there, but I remember being up at midnight watching Bill Mallonee & Vigilantes of Love.

  • Laura Shields June 23, 11:56 PM

    I was there too. My last year. Such good memories Chris. Dryve was so awesome and I was a big fan of Model Engine too. They are all doing really well.

  • keith June 24, 11:04 PM

    Joey- I’ll see if I can dig up a live performance of ‘stay’ I think I have one somewhere…

  • Joey June 26, 2:29 PM

    Please, it would be nice to watch it… Hope you find it.

  • Tye October 4, 12:33 AM

    Keep that Dryve alive… Point Loma Days… How do I buy a CD?

  • keith October 4, 1:28 AM

    you can get used ones on amazon or download the mp3’s via itunes.

  • Christian June 13, 11:11 PM

    wow! bringing back memories! Huge fan back in the original days! Saw you guys at Calvin College in.. oh man 1996 or 1997? One of my alltime favorite shows. Desperate for bands like you guys and Dime Store Prophets again. There is Nothing out there like that stuff. Thanks for the trip down memory lane

  • keith June 15, 10:13 PM

    Thanks man glad you enjoyed it! Check out my current band when you get time TheTallShips.com Very different from dryve but you might like it…

  • Aaron Green June 20, 9:23 PM

    Loved watching these….I too was a BIG fan of drive…I remember learning rain on the guitar when I was about 14 and singing it with my brother at Church Camp. : ) bIG THANKS FOR POSTING THESE KEITH!!!

  • Aaron Green June 20, 9:24 PM

    ooops…..Dryve* lol

  • greg milinovich July 23, 6:48 AM

    thanks for posting these. Was just listening to “thrifty” in the car this morning and realized what a part of my life these songs were in the mid 90’s. Dryve was REALLY good. Enjoyed the walk down memory lane. Thanks. Peace.

  • keith July 28, 11:51 PM

    Thanks Greg.

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