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What is “Behind the Kit” about?

I’ve wrestled for far too long to pinpoint EXACTLY what this blog will be about so I decided to shun the curse of perfectionism and ride that lemming to the edge of the cliff baby. All from the perspective that lies behind the kit. A drum kit that is.

Here are a number of tag lines I came up with-

“Standing at the intersection of music, progress and cultural mayhem.”

“Upbeats, beatdowns and notes on life.”

“Where music, culture, and logic crash at the intersection of theosophic incongruity.”

“Productive paradigms in a wrinkling zeitgeist.”

I could go on but I’ll stop there and let you decide.

But to break it down into subject matter…


My experiences -which are many- and insights and advice that the world can hopefully benefit from. Check out my music page for a little more of that action.

Theosophical Culturation

My warped term to include semi-philosophical ponderings on the tension of theological outworkings into a culture of rapidly changing inter and intrapersonal relations. Not sure what that means exactly but I just impressed myself.

Psycho-Political Theory

Definitely more theoretical than gender specific. I’m much more interested in the whys than then the whats. I prefer to seek what goes on behind the curtain. The politics of the mind and its effect on society draws me in. Although though my lust for logic does lead me to despise the dissonant non-thinking of the far left. So I will name names. And chew bubblegum. And I’m fresh outta bubblegum.


Productivity, helpful hints, entrepreneurial ventures. Whatever else I think may interest somebody somewhere. Or nowhere.

Broad, yes I know. Fie on the niche!

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