Dear God, we’re headed for another ice age!?!

by keith

At least that’s what ‘science’ was saying back in 1977 in this issue of TIME magazine along with 51 things you could do about it. Really? 51 things you can do to help stop the coming ice age?  Or at least ‘survive’ it? Wait a minute… I thought the globe was warming, not cooling?

Bottom line is this – alarmism and hysteria is always wrong. The killer bees lost their sting. The Population Bomb never went off. And we haven’t run out of oil like we were supposed to.

So when there is this collective wave of hysteria regarding an impending doomsday scenario calling us to act now or else (!!!), it’s probably wrong.

Science, doctors and the media can be wrong you know. Just ask the smoking doctor of yesteryear about those ‘healthy cigarettes‘.

Of course there is usually some element of truth involved which can make the issue appear to have a certain degree of validity. People did die from killer bees. There are parts of the world suffering from overpopulation. And there are areas where oil wells have dried up. But whenever there is a collective movement calling everyone to act! save! conserve! do something damn it, just do something! There probably is something else going on. Or, there is not really much going on at all.

Here’s an amusing video that sums up much of the nonsense behind the global warming hysteria. Or…is it ‘climate change’ now? After all, there was recently snow in forty-nine of the fifty U.S. states

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