This is all kinds of awesome.

There once was a time when a Rock band had to have some uber-masculine name to convey the essence of their manly rockness. That requirement eventually shifted to Metal bands only as names like ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’ proved one could rock and have a completely retardedheavy-metal-band-name-chart name. For awhile though, if you wanted to rock and be taken seriously, your name had to have some gravitas.


I once heard an established music producer say something along these lines – “We are created beings, therefore it naturally follows that we ourselves are creators; creativity is something that is inherent in every one of us. Where we get hung up is to what degree of influence our creativity possesses. Some people are only equipped to write songs for their kids or their local church group, while others are equipped to write songs that give voice to an entire generation. But just because one circle of influence is much smaller than the other, it doesn’t mean the artistic value is any less, it’s just on a different scale.”

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If you like/love/hate Run DMC you must listen to this.

If you like/love/hate Sarah Mclachlan you must listen to this.

If your life has been touched in any way by adoption, you definitely must listen to this.

Rap star Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels from the groundbreaking rap group Run DMC tells a fascinating, hilarious and touching story  about pop-rock singer/songwriter Sarah Mclachlan saving him from suicide. With a few twists and turn that are really pretty amazing. [click to continue…]


Dear God, we’re headed for another ice age!?!

At least that’s what ‘science’ was saying back in 1977 in this issue of TIME magazine along with 51 things you could do about it. Really? 51 things you can do to help stop the coming ice age?  Or at least ‘survive’ it? Wait a minute… I thought the globe was warming, not cooling? Bottom […]

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MLK – Has his dream come true?

I first watched Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I have a dream’ speech in my first college English course. This was a few years before you could whip up whatever you wanted on Youtube, so to watch the speech in its entirety was much more of a special event. I had seen bits and pieces of […]

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Sunday Wrestle: To Give or Not to Give?

At an earlier point in life it was simple. If a homeless person asked me for money, I gave it. It seemed like the ‘Christian’ thing to do. Plus, I felt like I was being a holy type guy in giving whenever asked. Then when I was about nineteen, I was having lunch at a […]

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My Introduction To Evil

SCCCCREEEEEEEEECH!!!!!!!!!! “You better stop blowing that whistle Mr. 22 Gerry St.” SCCCCREEEEEEEEECH!!!!!!!!!! “I’m warning you Mr. 22 Gerry St. you better stop.”

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Linear Culture and a Mad Man’s Quest

Every night my remedy for insomnia is to watch one one-hour show to help usher in the beauty of sleepytime. Sometimes my late night visual snack is of the more noble persuasion with something like John Adams, and other times it is of a baser delight in something like True Blood or Battlestar Galactica (modern […]

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What would Jesus click? Mac or PC?

Jesus would totally use a Mac. Here’s why- Macs are basically immune to viruses. Viruses are like sin. Jesus was sinless. No brainer. Microsoft Vista was clearly the work of Satan. Jesus would want no part in that. The apple stores are clearly the closest thing to heaven on earth. Macs are so simple even […]

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Is it live or is it Memorex?

The stage versus the studio. Live versus layered. Each has its strength, each has its weakness. Live is raw, it’s real, it’s human. It’s flawed, it’s moody, it’s fickle. Sometimes disastrous. The studio is focused, controlled, yet unpredictable. Creativity at its zenith. Yet stifling, draining, repetitive and stale, oftentimes sucking the soul out of the […]

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